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sometimes we have a hard time getting thru the day

i promise you what you are going thru is the same for alot of other people. good things happen to the people that visit this site.

Carma,sewing the seed, gift of faith.

you can call it whatever suits you but the fact is everytime someone gives to this site something good happens to them shortly after,i dont know why, it just does.

Talking always helps

just by saying how you feel ,and what is bothering you allow your mind to relax just a little.  As you go over the issue things start to get easier Because you realize if you can talk about it there must be an answer to your problem. I want you to just start saying to yourself,"im not a bad person". I’m just having a bad time right now.

Never give up!

Your better than that! You are stronger than you think.

 Believe me there are so many people struggling with issues that are really bad and i wish they had access to this site

Just Give.

Wether its $1 or $100 just sew the seed and it will grow and return to you,i promise!

We need to have faith

The only way we can make it thru the things that bring us down is by having faith that they are going to get betterThats how we survive.have faith that what you give today is going to come back to you in a way that will uplift your spirits,and bring you the one thing you need in life, whatever that is.

gift of faith

throw yourself into the good faith circle mail your gift to 1749 sunset ,longmont,co.80501

“I believe if I give in good faith God will bless me


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